Super-Cute Box – Impressions & Review

Super-Cute Box

Super-Cute Box is a UK based company that offers a monthly subscription box. Prices start from as little as £15 per month and your box will be delivered on a monthly basis. Shipping is free to the UK and you can purchase your box on a month by month basis, so there is no long term commitment.

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❀ How does Super-Cute Box work? ❀

The short answer… very simply!

All you have to do is pop over to their website, pick the subscription you would like, pay your money, and excitedly await the arrival of your happy mail.

We think there are three reasons Super-Cute Box deserve serious consideration and recognition!

☆ The company supports small businesses and they LOVE indie designers. So, they choose personal, unique, artistic and handmade products over factory-processed items!  #thoughtful

✮ All of the items are carefully selected and they often include items that you can’t get from anywhere else!  #cool

✯ The box can actually fit into your letter box! #practical

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 ❀ Who would enjoy the Super-Cute Box? ❀

This box is perfect for people who love stationary, vintage and handmade jewellery, adorable accessories, quirky homewares, surprises and anything cute!

If you are a fan of Kawaii, then this box is your box!! Grab it with both hands!


❀ Contents ❀

○ Totoro Pencil Case ○

Super-Cute Box

There is not one… but TWO Totoro items in this week’s box. This pencil case can easily double as a make-up case! The zipper is great quality too, which is always important.

○ Notepad Tabs ○

Super-Cute Box

These adorable little notepad tabs come in 3 different colours and can be used to brighten up your diary or organiser. If you are a stationery fan then you will be more than pleased with this item.

○ Sailor Moon Socks ○

Super-Cute Box

These sailor moon socks are just the cutest! There are two different options, blue and yellow. I had the blue pair of socks in my box. Lucky me!

○ Totoro Coin Purse ○

Totoro again!! This plush coin purse is just adorable. It is a really great size and so convenient. I store all of my change in here and then use it first. So now small change never builds up in my purse!

○ Cat Earrings and Chick Charm ○

These cat earrings are quite possibly the sweetest things I have seen. So much so, they were included in our March favourites.

Croc the chick is the charm that was included in this months Super-Cute Box. Each box has its own little charm inside so you can add to your collection. Croc rolled out of his nest and to a nearby river where he was raised by crocodiles. He still has no idea that he is not one himself.

○ Bit of Banter ○

Last but not least was this adorably hilarious birthday card. The slogan reads, “Happy Birthday. Unfortunately, I have zero fox to give.”

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