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When we say The Best Subscription Boxes, we mean the BEST. Here you can find a HUGE selection of boxes all in one place suited for all types of interests. Our readers can also rate boxes they have tried themselves too!

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Would you like your box featured? If you are a Journalist, PR Person, Member of the Press, or you simply want to promote your own box, then this page is for you. 

We have a dedicated review column here. We are always happy to receive samples for product placements, sponsored posts and review materials to feature on the site. All reviews include images, links and detailed information on your product, and of course, our honest review and opinions.

Promotional competitions are also a great way of raising awareness, generating interest and reaching a targeted audience. If you have competition stock available for any of your releases and would like us to feature it on our website and social media, please feel free to get in touch. 

Please note: We are just getting started on this website and our social media following is still growing. However, this is a sister site to Girlie Gossip which we have been running for 13 years. All content we feature here will also be shared across the Girlie Gossip social media to generate more click-throughs. You can check out the Girlie Gossip social media below:

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All enquieries can be sent directly to kez@thebestsubscriptionboxes.com